The results of the Blockchain are now there for all to see. The chain of blocks, developed to allow financial transitions between cryptocurrencies, today allows the overcoming of the classic centralized model.

The advantages offered in terms of security, transparency and immutability of data are valuable in very distant areas, thanks to the registration of transactions in distributed ledgers, subject to the “everybody is watching” principle.

Our Projects

Our Blockchain Solutions

Together with Microsoft Italia, we have presented all the most advanced Blockchain development techniques related to both Machine learning and IoT. From the management of welfare and government data, to transport, online data storage, to the supply chain, to Iot and to Industry 4.0, the Blockchain allows us to develop cloud solutions that will change the relationships between producers and end users.

The goal of our work is to make this tool available to even the smallest entities. Our services, through interfaces with high usability, allow the secure sharing of information with its stakeholders, in a way that attests to the quality of the services provided.

For this purpose, we have developed a web App, Geis, which allows you to monitor all the contracted services continuously and in real-time with certainty of results, including periodic activity reporting for the purpose of performance billing. The system interfaces via API to existing systems or IoT systems.

Smart contract

What makes Blockchain a versatile and widely usable technology in a variety of fields


Cryptographic assets that enable digital ownership in the Metaverse

Data integrity

The security of data replication makes it impossible for data to be tampered with at all nodes.

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