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We bring the most advanced technology to fullfill your bussiness needs


We put every organization on the right path towards innovation


We guarantee reliability, innovativeness and respect for diversity

Our work, our passion

Who we are

Pomiager is an information technology company but, above all, it is a group in constant turmoil that never backs down in the face of the speed of innovation.

For more than 15 years, we have been studying and designing innovative IT solutions that make the most avant-garde technologies accessible to organizations of all sizes and types.

Our team has solid goals: to simplify the road to Industry 4.0 for those companies that aim to emerge on the market.


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What do we do

The optimization of the technological infrastructures and the guarantee of information security are fundamental points for all Organizations that want to be competitive.

Our goal is to transform our clients’ needs into innovative and tailor-made projects. To do this, we rely on the strong listening skills of our analysts and on their knowledge of the problems concretely encountered in the use of software and web solutions.

All our projects arise from the reservoir of knowledge, curiosity and passion of our team: our solutions include the use of technologies such as Blockchain, NFT, AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud.

We are proud of each of our collaborations, from those that have involved the most established realities and that have allowed us to work on ambitious projects, to those with younger projects, which have asked us for customized solutions, suitable for different growth needs.

What we excel at

Core Business

Meet our

Company Management

Giuseppe Adduce

He is CEO and founder of Pomiager and the lead of our team. He has decades of experience in ICT and is an Innovation Manager enrolled in the MISE Register.

Paul Slagle

A great professional with a strong experience in business management, he is the President of Pomiager USA. He is well versed in negotiation, business planning, team building.

Sandro Vecchiarelli

Tirelessly curious and passionate IT consultant, he is Chief Technology Officer of Pomiager. In addition to this, he deals with training and is the editor of our Blog.

Fabio De Gioia

He has been Chief Operating Officer of Pomiager since 2021, after years of experience in Italy and abroad in the design and development of scalable, flexible and resilient systems.

Luca Tartari

Board Member

Monica Trippodo

Board Member

The Team