For.Te. is the most significant among the interprofessional funds for continuous training, both in terms of the number of companies that have chosen it and its representation of various economic sectors and the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, comprising small, medium, and large enterprises.


The Project

For.Te. is the joint fund for the continuous training of employees in the companies that are members of the fund, operating in the tertiary sector: commerce, tourism, services, logistics, shipping, and transportation. Companies from other economic sectors can also join the fund.

Pomiager has developed a system for certifying skills in funded training programs through the use of blockchain technologies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), incorporating digital badges that are compliant with the Open Badges standard. This innovative approach ensures the secure and verifiable accreditation of educational achievements and competencies acquired during training, providing a tamper-proof and transparent record of each participant’s learning milestones. The integration of Open Badges standard allows for the creation of digital badges that are interoperable across various platforms and systems, enhancing their utility and recognition across educational and professional landscapes.

The use of NFTs to represent unique, digital certificates of achievement adds a layer of value and security. Each NFT-based badge is unique to the individual, impossible to duplicate or falsify, and easily verifiable. This method streamlines the certification process and offers a novel way to recognize and transfer the value of skills and knowledge in the digital age, addressing challenges such as fraud risk, authenticity verification, and the cumbersome sharing of credentials.

By making certifications secure, verifiable, and portable, Pomiager’s solution enhances trust in the qualifications earned through funded training programs. It facilitates lifelong learning and career development, allowing individuals to accumulate and present a digital portfolio of verifiable skills and achievements over time. Employers benefit from being able to identify qualified candidates with verified skills more efficiently.

Incorporating the Open Badges standard, Pomiager’s development significantly advances the modernization of skill certification, offering a robust, efficient, and innovative solution that meets the demands of a rapidly evolving job market and digital economy.

For.Te issues about 300,000 digital badges each year.