Standard Open Badges 3.0 1EdTech: the new frontier of digital credentials


The Open Badges 3.0 Standard for digital credentials has been publicly released after receiving approval from the 1EdTech community.

“The Open Badges 3.0 standard represents a significant leap forward in empowering learners, educators, and employers to recognize lifelong learning with enhanced security, learner ownership, and interoperability,” states 1EdTech in a recent publication.

Open Badges are verifiable shareable digital credentials, representing and showcasing the skills acquired by individuals within the continuous education landscape and the professional world.

As we wrote in a previous article, Open Badges 3.0 Standard not only supports a wider range of badge types and content, making them more versatile and informative, but also allows for greater interoperability between different platforms and applications. Additionally, it strengthens the badge verification mechanism, making them more secure and reliable.

We are pleased to be part of the TrustEd Microcredential Coalition and to have contributed to defining the features of the Open Badge 3.0 Standard, particularly in extending the interoperability of metadata to include a greater number of descriptive fields. This significantly improves the quality of microcredential content representation, allows for a greater diversification of badge types, and consequently increases their marketability.

“At IQC, we are committed to developments that place the individual at the center and promote a skills-based economy. Being the first in Europe to obtain Open Badges 3.0 certification is a great source of satisfaction and confirms our commitment to offering open badges configurable into microcredentials that are always updated to meet market and individual needs,” says Monica Trippodo, head of research and development projects for Italian Quality Company (IQC).

For more information on how to adopt a system for creating and issuing Open Badges in your organization, contact us at

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