Defining what the Metaverse is is still difficult, but the merging of the physical and virtual worlds is already a reality.

Pomiager is ready to design solutions for the new dimension of the Internet, an immersive extension of the experience, with 3D graphic environments populated by avatars, accessible through a simple Internet connection.

User, industry and enterprise accessibility

Entering the Metaverse

The new promised land for industry and enterprise, a place for immersive experiences in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality, is already an integral part of the business models and development projects of the most forward-looking organizations.

While many of us still wonder what it is and how we enter the Metaverse, companies require strategies that make its various platforms crossable in order to reach new customers and stakeholders. A new generation of computers powers volumetric environments with real-time data in which new purchasing and consumer experiences are configured for our virtual twins.

Entering the metaverse, much like entering a rabbit hole, will require users to work out new identities. This represents just one of the challenges currently in place. Existing metaverses are proprietary and limited platforms with open questions regarding accessibility and fruibillity. The solutions that lie ahead call into question all the technologies that we at Pomiager find most exciting.

Self Sovereign Identity

The emerging model of online identity registration in the Metaverse


Technology enabling new business models for the Metaverse


Cryptographic assets that enable digital ownership in the Metaverse

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